2 Mistakes While Off-Roading With Your 4X4 That Could Get You Stuck

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2 Mistakes While Off-Roading With Your 4X4 That Could Get You Stuck

11 February 2020
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

If you are either completely or fairly new to taking your 4x4 on off-road adventures, you may be excited at the prospect of driving over various terrains and exploring the area. However, while you are having fun, you also need to make sure that you do not make the following mistakes that could get your 4x4 and you stuck out in the middle of nowhere.

1.  Forgetting Your Vehicle's Ground Clearance

One of the allures of off-roading is the ability to travel over rocky and hilly terrain so that you can reach scenic views and explore areas that are not readily accessible in regular vehicles. However, even though a 4x4 can easily traverse rough patches, you need to watch your vehicle's ground clearance and the protrusions from the ground carefully.

If you attempt to go over a large boulder or hilly hump, you need to make sure that the space between the bottom of your 4x4 and the ground is sufficient so that you clear it. If not, the highest point of the rock or hump could end up lodged in your 4x4's underside, leaving the tires without contact with the ground.

Not only will you possibly cause damage to your vehicle, but you will become stuck because the tires have nothing to grab onto. You would then either need a winch or outside assistance to dislodge the 4x4 from the protrusion.

2.  Going Full Throttle If Your 4x4 Is Sitting in Mud

While driving along, you also need to be careful where you stop your 4x4. If you stop in a muddy area, sit for a few minutes to take in the sights, then try to leave, you may find that you have sunk into the mud and your 4x4's tires will start spinning because they cannot gain enough traction to move the vehicle.

If you do get stuck in the mud, do not go full throttle, as this will only dig into the mud and make your 4x4 sink deeper. Instead, turn on your 4-wheel-drive, and try to rock the vehicle back and forth with a piece of cardboard or large section of bark underneath the tires to gain traction. If this does not work and you cannot use a winch to get out of the mud, you may need the assistance of a recovery service.

Even if you make every effort to avoid the above mistakes, there is always a chance that you can become stuck and unable to move or your 4x4 may break down. In these cases, contact an off-road recovery service to give them your location so that they can help get you out of your predicament, and hopefully, back to hitting the terrain.