3 Good Reasons To Trust A Pro For Replacing A Side Car Window

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3 Good Reasons To Trust A Pro For Replacing A Side Car Window

18 February 2020
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Even though the glass in a side window in a car is highly resilient to impact and damage, it is perfectly possible for these windows to get broken. Since this window is smaller and not sealed in place, it is easy to assume that this could be a DIY job that you could handle. However, installing a side window in a car is a lot more complicated than it can initially appear. In fact, it is far better to trust the glass replacement project to a professional. Take a look at why you should call upon an auto glass replacement service if you have a side window that needs to be replaced in your car.

Just removing the old glass can be a tedious process. 

Taking an old window out of the car door can actually be a little harder to do than you may think. In order to access the window, you have to pull off the interior of the door panel, which can be quite a massive job in itself in some vehicles. It is not uncommon for the door panel to have multiple parts and sections attached outside of the panel that have to be taken off before you can even get to the panel. Once you have removed the panel, you have to dismount the glass from its receptacle, which can be just as difficult. 

It can be difficult to get all glass fragments out of the door. 

When a professional removes an old side window that is broken or busted, they use special tools and a vacuum with a uniquely designed attachment to get the glass bits out of the door. If you do not go through the process of removing all the old glass, you can have issues when you insert the new piece. Plus, glass bits can rattle around in the door when it moves or when you hit a bump and be rather annoying. 

The glass has to be properly seated in its track. 

Installing a piece of glass in the receptacle in the door is straightforward, but it is also a process that takes keen attention to detail. The new glass has to be properly seated in the aligning tracks. If it is not, it can cause the glass to go up and down at an awkward angle, which can cause the window to get jammed. Likewise, improper seating can cause the window to fall down into the door. 

To avoid these problems, reach out to an auto glass replacement service today.