Purchasing A Fleet Of Semi-Trucks? Why You Should Buy Used

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Purchasing A Fleet Of Semi-Trucks? Why You Should Buy Used

24 February 2020
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If you are an owner-operator who is ready to multiply your earning power, purchasing a fleet of trucks is the way to go. Instead of relying solely on your own manual labor, you'll have the combined energy of several truck drivers who can make both local and over-the-road trips. This maximizes your profits and could put you in a position to make the kind of money that you may have never thought possible. In order to turn your dream into reality, you're going to need to obtain the trucks. Although it might be tempting to purchase a fleet of brand-new models, carefully examine some of the reasons why you should buy used semi-trucks instead.

Don't Pay More For The Same Features

Because you are so excited about your new endeavor, you might be convinced that the only way for you to enter the industry with a bang is to obtain semi-trucks that are fresh off of the showroom floor. You want to attract great drivers and may believe that in order to accomplish this you must woo them with fancy bells and whistles.

The truth is that many of the features that you may be associating with brand-new trucks are actually available in used models as well. New trucks carry a hefty price tag, so you'll typically find that there are more used trucks for sale at any one time than new models. Much like with passenger vehicles, truckers regularly switch out and upgrade their current trucks for different brands. This allows you to get a great fleet of trucks with the features you crave at a great price.

Used Trucks Are Often Easier To Finance

Waiting to be approved for a semi-truck can leave you on pins and needles. Some banks hesitate to lend a lot of money to first-time fleet owners because they think it is just too much of a risk. What if you, as the borrowee, decide to fold your business? How will the bank recoup the thousands upon thousands of dollars they lent you to finance those new, top-of-the-line semi-trucks? These are some of the considerations that could lead to a swift denial.

You might find that it is much easier for you to get financing when you are purchasing used semi-trucks. The vessels don't cost as much as new vehicles, and your decision to buy used trucks displays pragmatism and a commitment to take a practical approach to business.

Getting your fleet is the first step on the journey to wealth. Purchase used semi-trucks and announce your grand opening to the world.

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