What To Do When You Have An Old Car You No Longer Need

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What To Do When You Have An Old Car You No Longer Need

26 March 2021
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If you have an old car that is no longer running and you are considering getting rid of it, there are some options. Several options may even allow you to make a little money on the car, while other options just get it out of the yard. 

Selling Your Junk Car

If you have an old car in the yard and just want to get rid of it, you might want to look for a service that advertises that they will pay cash for junk cars. These junk car buyers often pay you for the vehicle and then strip the car and recycle the parts to make a profit. 

The car does not need to run or even be complete, because once they remove the vehicle from your property, all the parts from the interior and anything that is not metal will get stripped off and thrown away. The car will then go to the scrapyard, where the junk car buyer will sell it for the weight, hopefully making more money than they paid for it. 

If your old car does run, there is a chance that the junk car buyer will sell the car as a parts car or rebuild the car and then sell it to someone that needs a good used vehicle. 

Salvage Yards

Junkyards and salvage yards are also often in the market for junk cars, to strip and sell the parts from them to their customers. If your vehicle has a lot of good parts on it, the salvage yard can send a junk car buyer out to look at it and make you an offer for the car. 

Like the scrap services, the salvage yard does not care if it runs or not, but a car that does run is always easier to make money on than one that doesn't, so the buyer may offer more if it does run. 

Once you make a deal with the junk car buyer, they will pay cash for the car and tow it away on the spot. You may not need a title to sell the vehicle to either of these buyers, but if you have one, it is a good idea to transfer the title just so the car is no longer in your name.

If you do transfer the title to the junk car buyer, take a picture of the title after it is assigned so that you have a record of the reassignment. If the car is involved in an accident or other incident later, this will prove that you sold it and are no longer in possession of the vehicle. 

For more information about selling your car to a junk car buyer, contact a local junking service, like A 1 Towing & Cash For Junk Cars.