Protecting The Bed Of Your Truck With A Durable Bed Coating

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Protecting The Bed Of Your Truck With A Durable Bed Coating

1 August 2022
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Bed liners are an excellent way for truck owners to protect the paint and sheet metal in the bed of their pickup trucks. There are options to choose from, but spray-in bed liners offer some advantages over drop-in liners, making them a better choice for many truck owners. 

Water Resistance

Almost any bed liner you install in your truck will offer some level of protection for the truck bed. However, most spray-in bed liners have an advantage when keeping water out because the liner material bonds to the metal bed. Drop-in systems often struggle to seal completely around the edges, and water can seep in under the bed liner, allowing it to find low spots, and rust can start to form in those pockets. 

Spray-in bed liners do not have a gap between the metal and the liner because the materials are sprayed directly on the metals and fill the high and low spots with rubberized material that seals the entire bed from the floor to the top of the bed rails. There is no place for water intrusion unless the application is not done correctly and fails to bond, which is uncommon. 

When rain or water gets on the truck, it runs inside the bed and out the back, leaving you with rust free bed for many years after applying spray-in bed liners.

Dent Protection

When using your truck to move cargo, there is a potential for something to get dropped or to bounce around in an unprotected bed and cause dents or chips in the paint. Spray-in bed liners can help reduce the damage because the rubberized coating has the ability to absorb some of the impacts and protect the paint from chipping because of the sealing properties of the bed liner. 

A large enough item dropped in the truck bed can dent the sheet metal, but everyday cargo is far less likely to damage the surface. The rubberized spray-in bed liner is also slip resistant, so it helps reduce cargo movement in the truck bed as you are driving. 

Color Matching

Spray-in bed liners are available in various colors, and most companies can mix the color to match the factory paint on your truck. Tinting the liner makes the bed liner far less noticeable, so truck owners wanting to maintain the factory look can opt for color matching when installing the bed liner.

If you would like, you can also request a color that offsets the paint color to add a different aesthetic to the truck and make it stand out while protecting the bed against damage. 

For more information, contact a local company that offers spray-in bed liners